Courses Taught


Current Teaching

Currently, I teach graduate level statistics for the Department of Psychology.  However, many students from other departments across the University have taken these courses.  The courses are required for first year graduate students in the Psychology Department. 

PSYC 607, a course that covers ANOVA and experimental design, is typically taught in the Fall, and PSYC 671, a course that covers Regression, is typically taught in the Spring.  Here are links to syllabi from each course:

Syllabus: PSYC 607

Syllabus: PSYC 671

I typically try to allow as many non-psychology students to take the course as possible so please email me if you’re interested ( 

Also, feel free to email me if you have a statistics or design question.

Past Teaching

In the past I have taught a graduate seminar in Decision-making.  The syllabus and readings for that seminar are posted below. 

On the undergraduate level, I have taught Cognition (PSYC 345), Experimental Design (PSYC 204) and Introduction to Statistics (PSYC 203).  The syllabi and some other materials from those course are posted below. 

Human Cognitive Processes (Summer 2012)


Decision-Making (Spring 2012)


Weekly Presenters

January 26

Edwards, 1954

Simon, 1959

Kahneman & Tversky, 1979

February 2

Tversky & Kahneman, 1974

Gigerenzer & Brighton, 2009

Epley & Gilovich 2006

February 9

Tversky & Kahneman, 1974

De Martino et al., 2006

Levin et al., 1998

February 16

Hertwig et al., 2004

Weber, 2006

Hau et al., 2008

February 23

Sloman, 1996

Daw et al., 2005

Balleine et al., 2007

March 1

Nieuwenhuis et al., 2005

McClure et al., 2004

Hare et al., 2009

March 8

Rangel et al., 2008

Glimcher & Rustichini, 2004

Sanfey et al., 2006

March 22

Daw et al., 2006

Cohen et al., 2007

Frank et al., 2009

March 29

Schonberg et al., 2007

Frank et al., 2005

Erev & Roth, 1998

April 12

Bechara, 2004

Seymour & Dolan, 2008

Loewenstein et al., 2001

April 19

Yechiam et al., 2005

Lengfelder & Gollwitzer, 2001

Clark et al., 2004

Experimental Methods (Fall 2011)

Lecture: MWF 1:50 - 2:40 PM PSYC 106

Lab: Tue (Various times) State Chem 211


Final Exam Review Slides

Link to Stanford Prison Experiment Video

Readings for Reaction Papers

Watson (1967)

Baumrind (1964)

Milgram (1964)

Baumeister et. al. (2008)

Skinner (1990)

Lab Syllabi by Section






Lab Readings

Week 3

Getting Started

Rotation Module

Executive Control Module

Personality Measure Module

Human Factors Module

Week 4

Reaction Time Module

Week 5

Stroop Module

Week 6

Automaticity & Stereotyping Module

Week 7

Generation Effect Module

Week 8

Prisoner’s Dilemma Module

Introduction to Statistics (Spring 2011)

Lecture: MWF 1:50 - 2:40 PM PSYC 106

Lab: Tue (Various times) State Chem 211


Lecture on Factorial ANOVA

Practice Problems for Exam 3

Final Project Guidelines

Individual/Group Grade Sheet

Karl Popper - Science:Conjectures and Refutations

R.A. Fisher’s Tribute to “Student” (W.S. Gosset)

Bem - Psi Phenomenon JPSP 2011

Wagenmakers 2011-Comment on Bem

Rouder et al. 2009 Bayesian t-tests

Lecture Notes Bayesian t-tests